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What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

Shaped and driven by our values, vision and mission, we work for transformative and structural social changes through people’s active agencies. We believe in human rights and embrace HRBA to fight against not only the symptoms but also the structural causes of poverty, injustice and inequality.

Discriminated, excluded and exploited people – particularly women and girls – living in poverty and injustice, whose rights are denied or violated, are our primary stakeholders. We take sides with them and stand by them; it is their stories, energy and activism that inspire us and our work.

Strategic Programme Priorities


Advance women and girls’ rights

  • Developing alternatives to reducing care work of women and advocating for women friendly development and Gender Responsive Public Services (GRPS)
  • Strengthening safety, security, and dignity of women and girls
  • Strengthening actions on decent work and rights of women labourers

Advance quality public education as basic rights for children

  • Strengthening school governance to promote rights and quality learning outcomes in public school
  • Increase active child participation in schools’ endeavours through active Child Clubs and Youth agency
  • Advance the agenda of education financing for public education

Promote sustainable economic alternatives for resilient livelihood

  • Advance the agenda of green solution through agriculture and off-farm livelihoods initiatives
  • Promote women friendly market system
  • Advance the actions for climate justice

Strengthen resilience against disasters

  • Strengthening local capacity to reduce the risk of disaster and the impact of climate change
  • Enhance effective humanitarian response led by women and youths promoting humanitarian signatures
  • Promote safe school standards through disaster prevention and mitigation measures