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Safe Cities - Results from Scoping Study in Earthquake Affected Districts in Nepal


There is a high prevalence of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in public spaces in Nepal. Safe Cities Program attempts to advocate against GBV and start the process to address GBVs with special focus on sexual harassments in urban public spaces. This is a noble eff ort which demands research/evidence based planning, monitoring and evaluation along with the support from the wide range of stakeholders (including Government, non-state actors, civil society, men, women, and their families). Nepal Evaluation and Assessment Team (NEAT) is pleased to continue the partnership and  collaborations with Safe City Initiative through a scoping study in earthquake affected districts of Nepal. This study was conceptualized with an aim to explore and understand the sexual harassment in the public areas, briefl y to map out existing services and stakeholders in the sector and to gain an insight on demographic and socio-cultural factors associated with GBV in the study areas.